Nuts and Bolts

In a couple of weeks, at SPSP in Atlanta, I will take part in a professional development session called Introduction to Open Science: The Nuts and Bolts of Getting Started. (8am, Saturday! Be there or be square.) Elizabeth Gilbert and Elizabeth Tenney put the session together, and Barbara Spellman, Calvin Lai, and Minah Jung are … Continue reading Nuts and Bolts


On Rollercoasters, Data Collection, and RRs

Before Christmas some time I was talking to Aurélien about Registered Reports. I was trying to articulate my ambivalent feelings about them - which seem entirely disconnected from my not-at-all-ambivalent thoughts about them. By which I mean: I believe, even "know", that RRs are An Excellent Idea, that in an ideal world I personally think … Continue reading On Rollercoasters, Data Collection, and RRs

Research 101

Two years ago, I tutored an undergraduate subject called Mind, Brain, and Behaviour. It is an introductory subject, 1st year, and features (among other things) really really basic research methods. I remember thoroughly enjoying the teaching back in 2014; going over the basic concepts again was fun, the students were great, and the support for the tutors absolutely excellent. This … Continue reading Research 101