How I Got My Job

A little while ago, someone argued on PsychMAP that going to conferences is a waste of time, money, and environmental resources - that your time would be better spent making connections and disseminating your research on social media.* In theory, I agree. In practice, I love conferences. I'd rant about how much fun I have at them, … Continue reading How I Got My Job

Bring out yer nulls?

1. The title of this post refers to #bringoutyernulls, which was (is?) making the rounds of twitter a little while ago. The hashtag emerged around the same time as a large scale attempt at replicating ego-depletion was published (hint: nulls), as well as a paper opening an oxytocin file drawer (and this earlier post is also highly relevant).  More generally, … Continue reading Bring out yer nulls?