Process. Notes.

Since I started this "series" of blog posts, a more-or-less regular process of post-writing has emerged: I jot down some ideas, or very loosely connected, scattered, thoughts, often on my phone while walking home. These ideas take the shape of a still-very-rough draft of a post, for example during a half-hour while waiting for dinner … Continue reading Process. Notes.

Summer Series Summary

The final post of the The Summer Series , in which I attempt to summarize them all. We’re approaching the end of summer, and after 2 weeks of accidental silence, it’s time for me to wrap up the series. I said we’d tell some “true tales of academic adventure and misadventure”, but have any of … Continue reading Summer Series Summary

The Straightforward Academic (or: Your advisor also poops)

By Sho Tsuji, part of The Summer Series of guest posts Not pursuing a PhD was, frankly, never part of my thought process. My parents are both researchers (albeit, in Biophysics and Physical Chemistry), and I grew up spending Sunday afternoons in the lab proudly reproducing the Briggs-Rauscher reaction in my own little lab coat … Continue reading The Straightforward Academic (or: Your advisor also poops)