Much as I like writing journal articles (it’s true), I don’t think the journal article format is necessarily the best for distributing findings to a broader audience (understatement). Therefore, on this blog I will eventually “review” my own research, to make it more accessible. Once I do, the links will go to the relevant blog post. 

Ongoing Work – Mostly about War

Watkins, H. M. (2016). The moral psychology of killing in war. [Dissertation, The University of Melbourne, Australia.]

Just war theory and moral psychology. The (moral) character of soldiers. Just and unjust war; just and unjust warriors. War and trolley-problems. This and that. (Conference presentations available on

A Study of Responses to the Crisis in (Social) Psychology.

In November last year, I conducted a survey of academic psychologists, to find out how they think and feel about their field and the changes it is currently undergoing (e.g. the increased focus on direct replications and pre-registrations). [Watch this space for findings soon!] because the paper is currently under review.

Ideas about “Models of Morality”

Watkins, H. M., & Laham, S. M. (2016). An investigation of the use of linguistic probes “by” and “in order to” in assessing moral grammar. Thinking & Reasoning, 22(1), 16-30. Here is a blog post where I compare the idea we tested in this article – the linguistic analogy – to a more recent “visual analogy”.

Watkins, H. M., & Laham, S. (2013). Missing Mental States in Crockett’s Models of Morality? Letter to Trends in Cognitive Science, published online. doi:10.1016/j.tics.2013.06.005

Watkins, H., Wheeler, M., & Haslam, N. (2015). Levels of religiosity and moral motives. Religion, Brain & Behavior, 5(3), 255-256.

Meat Eating (A Side Project)

Piazza, J., Ruby, M. B., Loughnan, S., Luong, M., Kulik, J., Watkins, H. M., & Seigerman, M. (2015). Rationalizing meat consumption. The 4Ns. Appetite, 91, 114-128.

Study Looks at 4 ways Carnivores Justify Eating Meat. AirTalk, Southern California Public Radio. 11 June, 2015.

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