The Inevitable

I'm reading a novel called The Sound of One Hand Clapping, by Richard Flanagan. I thought I had read something by him before and liked it, which is why my parents gave me this book for my birthday. In fact, they gave me this book and two more, all by Richard Flanagan.  So you can imagine my dismay, … Continue reading The Inevitable

I Should Probably Define ‘War’

I've been talking in my previous posts, and in my academic writing, about (potential) differences between peace and war and the moral judgments we (therefore) make in those two contexts. But what do I mean when I say "in war", or "the war context"? The dictionary definition of war is pretty straightforward. Mirriam-Webster writes that … Continue reading I Should Probably Define ‘War’


Here's the second thing (here's the first thing) I thought about on my way to Boston: "Research is me-search." Interpretations of this phrase probably vary, but I've usually thought that in my case, it wouldn't really apply: I have such limited personal connections to war. But then again, sometimes I "me-search" in the sense that … Continue reading Mesearch


Almost exactly a year ago, I was on my way to Boston to visit my friend Rachel. Now [1], I am on my way to Boston again, visiting Rachel again but also attending a workshop on structural equation modeling. Last year when I visited Rachel, we talked a lot about research. She was a year … Continue reading Review


“But that would be the easy part!” We were on holidays in California, and Ivan’s friend was talking about the different paths he might take to arrive as An Author, having written A Book. “I could drop everything, drink up all my money, and live like a tramp for a year - but that would … Continue reading Easy.

Peace One Day

Today is the International Day of Peace, also known as Peace Day. What better day to... blog about war? I'm going to stick to my Monday schedule, but I wanted to take this opportunity to share three things: This Spotify playlist, created especially for #PeaceDay. It's a pretty bizarre and eclectic mix, but I'm enjoying … Continue reading Peace One Day