All’s Fair?

Jonathan Phillips and Fiery Cushman recently published a paper in PNAS: Morality constrains the default representation of what is possible. The title of Jonathan's accompanying Aeon article is somewhat more evocative: 'But you can't do that!' Why immoral actions seem impossible.  This article (go read it now!) fits neatly in with (what I think of … Continue reading All’s Fair?

Harming Men

Sometimes I wish it was okay for a paper to have an introduction that goes "Here's a weird phenomenon. Let's see if we can pin it down in the lab!" If that had been possible, the recent paper Moral Chivalry by Oriel FeldmanHall &co. could have gone from the first two sentences of their intriguing introduction... A … Continue reading Harming Men


1. Moral relativism is not cool. I learnt this the hard way: you shouldn’t hesitate when your friend asks “but killing babies is objectively wrong, right?” “Well...” In my defence, I was thinking about the problems with moral naturalism; about the difficulties of locating “the moral good” somewhere in the natural world; about the book The … Continue reading Absolutely.