Holiday, Recommendation

I'm on half-holidays this week - my boyfriend is required(ish) to go to Miami for a continuing medical education conference, and I've tagged along. Since he's at lectures half the day, I'm also working half the day, but the rest of the time it's all palm trees and beaches and mangroves and alligators! At least, … Continue reading Holiday, Recommendation

Other Versions of the Relationship between War and Moral Psychology

In an earlier post, I suggested that one way moral psychologists treat war, is as "just another context" within which our regular moral processes and preferences unfold. This treatment is rarely explicit, it just shows up as a random war-based scenario among a bunch of other scenarios, used to test a particular theory about moral … Continue reading Other Versions of the Relationship between War and Moral Psychology


Here's the second thing (here's the first thing) I thought about on my way to Boston: "Research is me-search." Interpretations of this phrase probably vary, but I've usually thought that in my case, it wouldn't really apply: I have such limited personal connections to war. But then again, sometimes I "me-search" in the sense that … Continue reading Mesearch


Almost exactly a year ago, I was on my way to Boston to visit my friend Rachel. Now [1], I am on my way to Boston again, visiting Rachel again but also attending a workshop on structural equation modeling. Last year when I visited Rachel, we talked a lot about research. She was a year … Continue reading Review


“But that would be the easy part!” We were on holidays in California, and Ivan’s friend was talking about the different paths he might take to arrive as An Author, having written A Book. “I could drop everything, drink up all my money, and live like a tramp for a year - but that would … Continue reading Easy.