From Little Things…

I started this “series” of posts on the 12th of September, and now, roughly 12 posts on war later, I’m wrapping it up in time for Christmas.

Thank you for reading! It’s been a great exercise for me, and I’ve enjoyed the various interactions it has triggered. The aim was always to “write more about war” – which these blog posts obviously achieved in a very direct way – but I think it has also helped me write more about war in an academic sense: the weekly check-in meant that my mind was never too far away from war and various related research.

For now though, I’m taking a break from the blogging – partly because I don’t feel as strong a need to “stay in touch” right now (am submitting at least 2 war-related manuscripts in the next month), and partly because… well, it’s holiday time. Have a great break everyone (however you decide to spend it), and I’ll see you in 2018!

It’s important to have things to look forward to.

I’m half-planning to make my next “series” about Open Science issues (in preparation for this panel discussion at SPSP), so consider last week’s post a teaser…?

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