11th of September

I said to my boyfriend yesterday, “tomorrow is the eleventh of September.” He looked at me for a long moment, as if expecting something more; it wasn’t until I opened my mouth to explain “no reason, I was just thinking about it,” that he reacted, “Oh! 9/11! Nobody says it like that.” And he’s right; nobody says it like that, it’s not just a date, it’s a Day in History, an Event that Changed the World. 

I don’t know how I feel about that framing. Ambivalent, I guess, because where do events start? It feels to me like what changed the world was the US reaction to 9/11, but I realise that’s not a particularly unique nor comprehensive analysis. 

But, anyway, today is the eleventh of  September, and I’ve been away from the blog (and almost from social media) for a month. 

I care about war a lot; I also work on projects related to it a fair bit; but I write about it far too little. This autumn, therefore, I’m going to update this blog weekly, with a (short if necessary) post about war. 

What better day to start, than the Day that Changed the World?

2 thoughts on “11th of September

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