Some Good Things 

1. Emma Sky, and her book The Unravelling. I saw her speak last week (thanks to Sammi!), now she’s on Q&A, and I’m reading her book. It’s all so… sensible. And amazing. Stay tuned for more in depth review.

2. This blog post about “boring personality psychology“, by David Funder. As a social psychologist, arch nemesis of personality psychologists, it gave me food for thought.

3. Another post, by fellow PhD student Yasin Koc, about why you should visit Australia. I agree, and with his broader points as well! Challenge yourself. Personally, I am travelling soon, which may or may not also involve various challenges. We’ll see.

4. Some fascinating research by Charlie Ebersole and others, about how scientists’ reputations are built on getting it right, not being right. Which is important! And good news, for someone hoping to build their reputation in science.

5. Enough breathing space to blog again! Since last time I blogged I’ve marked 100 assignments, moved house, taught lots of classes, given a lecture on my research at uni, commuted for far too many hours, read some good books and even better research. So there’s plenty to blog about, and I hope to be back soon. 


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