In the Last Two Weeks…

3 really exciting things have happened. 

  1. I finished an almost-full draft of my thesis, and my supervisor returned it to me with nice comments and constructive suggestions for (small) changes. This might not sound terribly exciting to you, dear reader, but to me it means the difference between an on-track productive January, and a  stressful cramming one.
  2. I had a knee reconstruction (hence no post last week; I was in surgery). The recovery is terribly boring, but the potential for playing soccer again soon(ish) is …!
  3. 500 psychological researchers completed my study on (responses to) the crisis in (social) psychology. The full data collection has taken a bit more than a month, but last week we hit the target! As this study was pre-registered, the data analysis should be pretty straightforward, and I hope to get it done this week (knee and thesis-work permitting). And then, and then, we will know some more about how researchers are dealing with these turbulent times – from a system justification perspective. 

If that last phrase was a bit oblique to you, then I am sorry-not-sorry: a more comprehensive explanation will follow, and it will definitely be worth the wait. 

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