Deja vu?

For the fourth time in five years, I am hobbling around on crutches.

What happened, you ask? Well. This might be a good time to demonstrate the distinction between proximate and distal causes. The proximate cause of my bungled knee, was a game of soccer in the park on Sunday. I was running with the ball when an opponent came along to tackle me. Before he got anywhere near me though, I had passed the ball off to a team-mate – and in the process somehow twisted so that my right knee buckled sideways. It popped and snapped and hurt quite a bit, but the worst pain was in knowing that I should have avoided this. 

Because the distal cause of this accident was a similar one about a year ago – same park, same soccer team, same silly move but at a higher speed and with greater force – when I snapped a ligament in my knee. Since then, I’ve been on a waiting list for surgery, but since the waiting list is long and I am impatient, in the meantime I started playing soccer again. Despite the advice of – oh, everyone? It had been going okay, I was being careful, but now with the benefit of hindsight and the bitterness of not being able to walk (again), it seems inevitable that I was going to do myself further damage.

Anyway. There is (of course!) a silver lining to this temporary limited mobility.  Now, no further soccer games will tempt me away from my desk, and in my current state the journey to the office seems so arduous that I’m working from home this week – all told, this frees up about 10-12 hours, hours which I can spend on writing my thesis! At least in theory. In practice, the “healthy body, healthy mind” thing probably means that with reduced productivity due to feeling bad, I end up breaking even. But that, when you’ve got a broken knee, is a bonus in itself.


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